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About Us

Kheyal Khusi: And then it roared like a passion out of blues,
Holding down my skin, slithering like the glue,
An obvious call, the clarion resounded,
I hope I could follow, but the sharp wind blew,
Flew apart the thoughts that clinged my soul,
Rust and dilemma got my stigma too bold,
I was nice a being, but too hard to hold,
I imagined a cosmos, a Genesis unfold.

We, the makers of impossibilities and creators of vagueness, have resolved our paths and walked down resemblances. We are here to hunt the twig, that was broken from the shrub but managed to bloom, atleast when it was filled with thorns, it heralded the destiny and surpassed the doom.

We are genuine for we have thought, a world so diverse that no hierarchy ever fought.

We welcome you buds and enthusiasts to our Community where we experiment with experiences and scribble annotations, click the broken hues and travel the Road Not Taken.

Our Mission

Kheyal Khusi is aiming growth of passion, a string of compassion and building blocks that would reignite the lost art in the diversity we belong. We are Not enough without our emotions and we are penetrating the deepest cores to explore those infringements that are alluring and would make it possible to push a heap of dust from the scrambled words with the scribbling ink.

Our Vision

We would implode a fusion that makes every individual diving into our podium of exploration, come across a pool of connotations. We envision a deep sea dive and a fathomless ski, and everything we wish our intuitions could be. We are making an anonymous struggle to bring our vitalities that we commonly miss and we would set the extra mileage at work.

Priodorsini Kanjilal


Niladri Hori

(Public Relationship Manager)

Abdul Hai

(Blog Owner)

Swarnali Dutta

(Core Member)

Arnab Goswami

(Core Member)

Aniket Sen

(Core Member)

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