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Confessions of a Quarantined guy



Confessions of a Quarantined guy

Well hello.


I am nobody special, just another guy who is quarantined like rest of the nation. Quarantined, away from a special person.

Well, this quarantine is on the verge of spoiling my plans for that person’s birthday. I have a folder ready on my phone with all the videos and all the stuff, but it’s worth nothing if I cannot put it together. I cannot put your present together, but what I can do, is remind you, of some routine things that I just can’t do when you’re not around. Let’s recall them shall we?


While you’re not around I just miss u shouting on me. I know, I know, some will caring hearing this saying it’s oh so cliché ! But trust me they will never understand. They will never understand that those shouts just fill up my heart with the feeling of knowing that you care for me. It’s just a part of my daily routine. You literally can’t understand how empty I feel inside if I don’t hear you blabbering and shouting and talking to me. Not just to me, talk to anyone, but stay beside me. It feels as if the happy part of my life is missing if I don’t hear your voice. It may be that you shout, you yell, you tease, you love, all that is nothing but the sound of happiness to me.


While you’re not around I miss hiding your clips, your hair bands, you lipstick under the pillow even after knowing you’ll need them the very next moment. I know, I know, some people will say that’s really annoying. It is, it is annoying and I know I will need to pay the price. You’ll scream and shout and come running after me to beat the shit out of me. But what to do ? It’s become a habit. I just can’t resist myself when I see you standing in front of the mirror with your fingers in your hair, fixing them and on the verge of tying them, I just can’t resist myself from hiding them. Because I know after that we’ll have a fight, you might get any but I’ll be giggling and having fun. I’d feel joy that maybe I never felt when i was young. P.s. when you are standing there with your fingers in your hair, time freezes for me. You look so beautiful, make-up or no make-up I don’t care, I just keep staring at you.


When you’re not around I miss hiding behind that pillar in front of that bus stop waiting for you to find me. I know, I know, people will say that is so childish and I should grow up. But I just can’t resist myself from hiding when I know you’re in the bus that’s coming towards the stop. It might be childish but i just might catch the glimpse of you smiling and chasing me knowing I’m hiding behind that pillar. That moment is priceless you know. That smile. It’s worth something I can’t even express. I know it’s silly cause you know now where I’d be. Just maybe I’d be trying to find new places to hid and you come all the way smiling trying to figure out where I’ll be hiding today. That though brings me joy.


When you’re not around I miss blowing air on your face. I know, I know, people will say it’s so gross. It’s unhygienic, in this Corona phase it really is though. But never the less I love to do that.  Whenever someone blows on your face you squeeze your eyes and lips and shake your head like something’s   on your face. Nobody really knows this , it’s kind of our cute little secret you know. It’s also my favorite way to make you blush. Sometimes it backfires and you get even more  angry , but when it does work. I forget each and every sorrow. Each  and every pain.  Your blush, that smile, you, you’re home to me.


This quarantine I’m homeless. Yeah, you heard it. But lives are important, mine and yours. I’ll get back my home that’s for sure.


I know if someone asks you to imagine someone who’s like the ideal looking man. I’ll never come to your mind. If someone  tells you to imagine the ideal kind of a partner. I’m definitely not going to fit into your outline. But maybe just maybe, if someone asks you to imagine someone who makes you smile. You’ll think about all the things I do. If someone asks you to imagine someone who is with you in times when you needed someone the most, when you were down when you were in need. Maybe you’ll see me. Maybe, just maybe I can be your reason to smile? All I ever do is to keep you happy. All that I’m doing is to keep you worry free. I know I mess up sometimes, you know right I’m a dustbin. But you can always rely on this dustbin to take away all the trash, all the bad things, all the rotten sorrow from your life. I promise.




Confessions  of a Quarantined  guy.

Written and designed by : Oishik

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