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Every Drop Counts, Donate Red


Every Drop Counts, Donate Red

We celebrate World Blood Donor Day on 14 June every year. It was established across the countries in 2004.

“There is no great joy than saving a soul” , indeed!

In this auspicious day, let’s ride the interesting “roller-costar” of the history of blood donation:

In a carving of a pyramid in Memphis( Egypt),  we have a brief description of blood transfusion. According to historian, the pyramid & the carving is almost 4000 years old.

1492:  First Historical Transfusion Attempt- Doctors infused blood of three 10-years-old boys by mouth into Pope Innocent VIII as he sank into coma.

1667: First Recorded Human Transfusion.
The first fully documented human blood transfusion was administered in France.

1628:  English physician William Harvey discovers the circulation of blood. Shortly afterward, the earliest known blood transfusion is attempted.

1665: The first recorded successful blood transfusion occurs in England: Physician Richard Lower keeps dogs alive by transfusion of blood from other dogs.

1818:  James Blundell performs the first successful blood transfusion of human blood to treat postpartum hemorrhage.

1818: In addition on this year, We experience first Human-to-Human Transfusion. British obstetrician and physiologist James Blundell performs the first recorded human-to-human blood transfusion. The patient died after initially showing improvement.

1840: World successfully completed The first whole blood transfusion to treat hemophilia.

1900: Karl Landsteiner discovers the first three human blood groups, A, B and O.

1902:  Landsteiner’s colleagues, Alfred Decastello and Adriano Sturli, add a fourth blood type, AB.

1932: They establishes the first blood bank at Leningrad hospital.

1950: Plastic bags allowing for a safer and easier collection system replace breakable glass bottles used for blood collection and storage.

1970:  Consequently Blood banks move towards an all-volunteer donor base.

1985: Blood Banks licensed and implemented The first HIV blood-screening test.

“Tears of a mother cannot save her Child. But your Blood can.”

Why should we donate blood?

Let’s peek into some facts such as:
1. One man can save 2 Million babies due to his rare blood.
2. Someone needs blood every two seconds across the globe.
3. Only 10 percent of eligible population donates blood.
4. Blood shortages happen most during the
5. Donating blood lowers your cancer risk & keeps your heart healthy.
6. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),  only 1% of Indian population donates blood each year.

To conclude, as Winston Churchill once said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”
We have great opportunity to fear out donating blood and be a hero of someone’s life.

P.S.- Do you know, “once upon a time coconut water had been used, if blood was not available!”
Dear history, Why are you so awkward sometimes?


: Samyabrata Das

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