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How to plan a Sundarban trip from Kolkata


How to plan a Sundarban trip from Kolkata

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest named after “Sundari” tree and 4000 Square KM of this is in India.

Journey: From Sealdah railway station you can take Canning local and travel for around 1hr 15mins and reach Canning which is nearest railway station to Sundarban. From Canning you can reserve an auto and go to Godkhali ferry Ghat around 29KM and take motor launch to reach destination.

Otherwise you can book a outstation cab from Sealdah or Howrah Railway station and reach to the national park.

Stay: either you can pre-book hotel online or after reaching Godkhali you can book your fooding and lodging from the tourist association there.

You can also get yourself houseboat style accommodation in AC/ Non AC. Which will be parked near village or island.

Places to travel: The best part of the trip is travelling from one island to another by boat and enjoy the mysterious natural beauty of Sundarban . The view is very different at the time of ebb tide and flow tide. During ebb tide you can spot alot of crocodile taking sunbath by the sides of river mainly in Sojnekhali area. Pakhirala, Dobanki Camp, Sojnekhaliy Wildlife Sanctuary, Sudhanyakhali watch towers are popular. And you can see different kind of birds, tortoises and crabs there. From the watch towers you can spot deer’s easily in the jungle and if lucky tigers too.

Spotting a tiger depends on the weather, time of high tide like factors. So anyhow if you don’t get to spot a tiger in the jungle you can visit Jharkhali Wild animal park and see tigers there.

Confluence of Saptamukhi river is also a beautiful sight.

The visiting  time in the core area is 7AM to 5PM.

Cost: around 5000 rupees for a decent trip for three nights.

Bring souvenir like honey and many other things for your friends and family and let us know whether this blog was helpful and how was your experience!

By Arnab Goswami

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