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I can understand your feelings, BUT I am not like you, BRO!


I can understand your feelings, BUT I am not like you, BRO!

By Niladri Hore

This validation is so important that LGBTQA people do not have a job except to turn you a ‘HOMO’!

Last year on the end of the pride month I wrote a fictitious story portraying that sexual preference is not something one can be proud of; it is not shameful either.

Unfortunately, most of the people miss the latter part. And as a consequence, my inbox got flooded with protesting messages and personal attacks.

All I said was, EVERYTHING IS NORMAL, until it harms anyone or anything.

And since you think it is normal; equality is the prime concern, there is nothing to hide, nothing to flaunt. Now I know why it is.

Let me tell you an incident happened yesterday in Assam. Assam has been fighting with the oil well fire, floods, discrimination and much more since quite a long time.

Those are nothing but few questions on your next UPSC though, I will add one more point for your high score.

Brajen and Ankur two adult individual were found dead near Nalbari Railway Station yesterday evening.

Report says those two ‘Friends’ committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train as both the families had said NO in terms of accepting their relationship.

Our media never surprises on this particular. No media covered this incident, there is even no mention in Google!

Two vulnerable souls were thrown into massive depression, which actually compelled them to end their lives.

No wonder, there will not be any protest, any candle march. People will not sign a petition to raise their voice for acceptance. The decease would be forgotten for being a shameful one.

And we will keep sharing the latest viral Gauri Sawant video. Cheers to our selective sympathy!

Is it an anomalous incident? Certainly not!

We are equally pseudo-secular in terms of art and culture. From Raja Ravi Verma to Gauri Lankesh, we do not spare one so easily. Evidently most of India would never know about ‘the last living female impersonator in Bengali theatre and perhaps even in Indian theatre’.

And the rest who know would gracefully ignore this topic because it is a way controversial!

‘You all have seen a lady turning to the goddess, have you ever seen how that goddess washes out each layer of her makeup, how she turns into a lady, again?’  last few dialogues from his autobiographical “Arekti Premer Golpo”.

At his 82, Chapal Bhaduri, an institution himself, sitting on a garden of some old-age home still dreams to smell acceptance. Happy Birthday, Chapal Rani.

We are liberal enough to recognise, but we fail to include ‘them’ among ‘us’. And that is why,

Brajen-Ankur’s death will not get the limelight. It is not our problem; it is theirs, right!

And a lady would keep shouting repeatedly “Main wohi Gauri Sawant hu jo har chaurai pe… taali bajake apko irritate karti he”

We are definitely progressing; in which direction?

Good Luck!


Photo source: Google, Facebook
Kheyal Khusi holds NO copyright on the images

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  1. It’s not the fault of our society , it’s our thinking that we need to change…..♥️♥️

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