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The chaotic mess, “My bundle of Joy”


The chaotic mess, “My bundle of Joy”

Written by Sritama Roy  Painting by Susmita Das

The phone continued to ring seeking her attention, but she was busy struggling with her saree. This wasn’t the first time she was losing her calm while putting on her saree. She had a notification of 5 missed calls, and that indicated how late she was. Yeah! If a girl misses her punctuality, it’s all because of her difficult attire. Girls always prefer a better dressing time before they show up at an event. With the 8th missed call she finally managed her bindi at its right place.

Before rushing towards the gate, she again gave a quick view.

Kajal was at its best display, the bind matched with her saree and the necklace were perfect with the earrings, while her pierced nose with the nose ring always had a special attention of people. Finally, the best part of her face popped up, yeah, her smile. Even at difficult time she never lost smile as she knew many had reasons to live that for and especially the person she was going to meet.

Within an interval of seconds, she was on the ground floor waving to her love.

He opened the gate as she moved towards the car and couldn’t take off his eyes. No, it wasn’t the first time she was so traditionally dressed, but the admiration was what he always gifted her with. She blushed at his wondering face. Before he could compliment, she started speaking,

“Dare you ask me about those missed calls, you don’t know what it takes a girl to dress so quickly”. He gave the most confused smile and said, “Listen, it has already been an hour of my patience”.

But she soon complained, you haven’t as yet complemented me, Don’t I look beautiful in this attire? Faking a dull face. She wanted him to give her more reasons to smile for.

Yeah, I see my patience was worth. Do I always need to tell you how beautiful you are? You can easily make out your image in my eyes.

He was right, she could always see the glitters in his eyes while he stared at her.

Still the love of a writer’s words had her compelling appreciations. He told her soon he will gift her a book only about her beauty. Listening to this she filled in with joy. She was the biggest fan of him and had always been a reason to write for. Even then he told her that a book or his lifetime work won’t be enough to describe her inner beauty. Her virtues were beyond the description of his words. He knew he couldn’t ever pen down the gushing river into words of the sight she portrayed.

As the car drove, her hairs made it to her face due to blowing air through the wind. He could only see half the face through the rear-view mirror, the sight was breath-taking.

She is collecting all her hair asked him to have a proper attention on the road or else they might end up having a date at the hospital. To which he laughed and replied.

‘You still doubt my driving skills, imagine yourself to dream of a person, you love while writing an exam and still manage to score the best.’

Is there a moment when you don’t miss me, she questioned?

Yeah, when I am with you. I don’t miss you then.

She laughed at his humorous reply.

The journey had just begun while the sun was overhead. She wouldn’t allow him to close the windows as she had always loved the fresh air of the nature in the outskirts of the city. Even the burning sun had no impact on the life-giving shades of the greenery. Their long drive had always been her hour of wait.

So here it was, her with her best person doing the thing she loved the most while he with his best person admiring his love. The drive for an hour brought them to a mall located in the highways. The mall always had an adequate no of people as it was away from the city where people often went to spend the better part of their day.

He quickly purchased two Kwality Walls Cornetto of oreo flavour.

Both had the love for the same flavour. He also bought five Kinder Joys. The child in her was alive and he never wasted a single instant to gift her the childhood moments she loved to live. Hurriedly he rushed towards the car where she had been waiting for him.

Her face bloomed as she saw the ice creams and Kinder Joy. As he looked for the keys, she explored the contents of the carry bag he handed over to her. With a cute expression she declared that she won’t be sharing her Kinder Joy with him at any cost, but she won’t mind sharing the ice cream.

With a smile he drove the care and thought about her possessiveness of such a thing.

He liked the way the child in her showed up and that’s most adorable as it always had the actions which made him love her even more.



He parked the vehicle at the side of the road and helped her to get off the seat. They made a foot journey of 10 mins and were at their favourite place. The shade of the tree complimented their presence and the wind brought the fragrance of nature.

He placed the folding chairs in their designated place and provided the consort like feeling to his princess.

She believed herself to be the luckiest person on this earth as only few girls get such partners who treat them as queens of their life. they started enjoying the scene of mountains, valleys and the greenery that covered it.

She hugged him for such a wonderful view and told him that this is the very reason why you are my love. You always understand my words, even before those were said and that’s the best part of their bond. She hugged him and he closed his arms.

It felt as if he is receiving the food of his soul. He gently removed the hairs on her face and kissed her face, which symbolized care of her. He took out both the ice creams and unpacked only one.

She again with her childish nature questioned the act.

You are just not grown to make this out and laughed. Only he knew what sharing an ice cream with her was. He handed her the cone and she started with it. He patiently waited for his turn while admiring her. She felt that it was wonderful because nature accompanied them while he felt wonderful because she accompanied him and the nature.

 After a few seconds she handed him the ice cream he was waiting for.

Cornetto never tasted better without her. She smiled and said, I know that why you unpacked only one ice cream. This made him laugh and he hugged her tightly again. Both wished for an eternal company as they could never survive individually.

Time went unnoticed while they shared words of concern, care and love for each other. For them life always meant him and her. Just the two of them because both never ran short of topics while talking. The sun finally went off and they collected their belongings as it was the time to depart from the womb of the nature. The sky was filled with the colours of setting the sun. It seemed as if there were waving a goodbye signal to them. The return journey always seemed so small in comparison to the onwards journey.

They knew that even infinity was not sufficient to quench the thirst of their longings.

With a memorable day in their mind they left for their respective homes.

Bye had always been a difficult word for them as they never meant a true bye. Both of them missed each other at the time separation progressed.

They parted their ways at her house with a promise to meet in the dreams. Yeah!  Silly couples do this kind of stuffs. Yet the couple was a perfect one as each individual had been an unconditional affection for the other.

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