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Why I am going to write a review on Dil Bechara?


Why I am going to write a review on Dil Bechara?

Written by : Niladri Hore  Poster by : Amartya Maity

‘An actor never dies, he acts’


Indian Fans have again made the impossible, possible.

A Mainstream Indian Romantic Drama is shining at the top of IMDB rating, defeating The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather or our very own Satyajit Ray’s cult Pather Panchali.


NO! We do not have a problem with the ratings, we do have if the evaluation is not apt.

And before jumping to any conclusion, let me assure you that like most of the people, this movie is equally close to our heart. This is not only actor Sushant’s last movie; it is also a tight slap to the favouritism of Bollywood.

And that’s why it deserves to have an honest review. Just like Sushant, many people’s bread and butter would have been depending on the success of the film. Because an Industry, where you know, how miserable it is for an outsider to survive, to get accepted; would be sympathetic for a mishap, will not give work on that basis though.

According to the viewers, Inside the shell of ‘The Fault in Our Star’ Dil Bechara depicts Sushant’s story well.

A carefree ever-smiling guy has just taught us how-to live in love, how to accept weaknesses, faults. Undoubtedly, our Manav from Pavitra Rishta did immense justice to the role of Immanuel Rajkumar Junior, Manny. We have fallen again and again for him in each scene.

Now let’s talk about some people, for whom this writing is all about; Mukesh Chhabra, Shashank Khaitan, Swastika Mukherjee, Saswata Chatterjee, Sahil Vaid and of course Sanjana Sanghi and many more, who would be remembered for being a part of Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie!

Are we sure, we know how to value our talents? Would we equally be welcoming if this movie would not have a distressing background?


A quick update or I would say reality check:

There was a rumour that the lead debutante Actress might leave Bollywood, the buzz was created from one of her Insta stories.

Also, there were no Mention of Swastika Mukherjee and Saswata Chatterjee in google on the first go while Saif Ali Khan’s name was visible for having a special screen presence.

Even if we overlook this technical glitch, the question remains still valid, has our mindset towards Indian Cinema been widened enough to accept new movies without a big banner and an item number by A-list heroine?

Alright! We would optimistically pay attention to the movie irrespective of having star cast or giant promotions.

So, this is the high time to acknowledge that just like SSR, Sanghi was also a great contribution to the film. We love, we adore, we admire Kizzy Basu and we would love to see her more and more.


Sahil Vaid has been true support to Sushant’s character, the Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania actor has proven himself within a short screen presence.

The Bong beau from Patal Lok, Swastika Mukherjee aka Mrs Basu, has again showed that give her any role, she would turn it watch worthy. A big shout out to you, Ma’am.

Needless to say, Our Bob Biswas from Kahaani, made us fall for him being an ideal father who is extremely protective about his child, but also truly understand someone’s space. He Knows how to set one free. Saswata Chatterjee proves again, he has a long way to go.

Talking about the film as a whole, the art and frames are quite impressive, the USP for it would be maintaining storyboard, which makes it picture perfect.

This movie is also special for the debutante director Mukesh Chhabra, who has been a popular face on television for many years, made a hit at big screen on the first go.

And I would mention, the director has found, one of the crucial aspects of a good movie is to make it compact. The 1 hour 41 minutes will make you sit without any monotony.


Overall, it is an impressive romantic drama, with all the necessary elements well blended. Rahman’s music has added a great flavor to it.

And all this happened just to bon appetite of doing something incredible, everyone has worked hard and soul to deliver their best.


You know the worst fact!

The film was not made because someone is leaving. It had the hope of having some unbiased viewers who don’t easily get manipulated and who prioritize skills over names.

This film is NOT only a remembrance, it is an eye opener for them who rejects Varun Dhawan starrer October just because it is boring.


We all want justice; we all want to boycott nepotism. Cheers to that!

But next time, you go for a movie, just make sure you understand that a film is not one-man show, it is the biggest collaboration in India’s Art and Culture.

Justice would taste good.

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